Maintenance of proper temperature brings out colors and increases bud quality.
Cannabis plants need a temperature similar to humans or a little warmer-not too humid, not too dry. If it feels too hot or too cold for you in your grow area, it is the same for your cannabis plant.

Generally, the suitable temperature for cannabis plant ranges from 70°F – 85°F (20°C – 30°C) during the day while in the night cannabis plants are happy with slightly cooler temperatures.

Best Temperature for Vegetative Stage:

Cannabis plants in their vegetative stage like it “warmy and moisty”  prefer temperature in 70°F – 85°F (20°C – 30°C) range.

Best Temperature For Flowering Stage:

In the flowering stage (when cannabis plants start growing buds) it is best to maintain the temperature slightly cooler, about 65°F -80°F (18°C – 26°C). This temperature ensures the best bud quality. Be noted that slightly cooler temperatures in the second half of the flowering stage help to produce the best bud color, trichome production, density and smell.

During the flowering stage, higher temperatures can cause problems of slowed bud growth, also terpenes and potency can evaporate into the air. Higher temperatures actually burn away some of your terpenes and cannabinoids, reducing taste, smell, and potency of your buds after harvest.

Pro tip: For bigger harvest, try to maintain the difference of 10°F (8°C) between day and night.

The main thing you must do as a professional grower is to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity for having dry and cure buds. If you follow the right way, you will never have to worry about mold or over drying and you will get beautifully cured buds every time.