Topping is a technique in horticulture to cut off the top part of a plant to prevent seed formation and distribution. Although it’s not an easy decision to cut and throw away part of your cannabis plant, However you can use the topping technique for getting bigger yields.

The purpose of topping during vegetative cycle is to navigate the growth hormones from the main stalk to the bottom branches. Topping allows you to control the plant and direct where it puts its energy. This will produce enough branches on the lower side of the plant to bush out profusely. Topping process works best when the plant is mature and can tolerate the drastic change.

When Should I Start Topping?

Start cutting off your cannabis plant when it begins to attain enough bushes, strong root system and 5-6 nodes.

How Often You Should Top the Plant?

It is up to you. But remember, each time you top your cannabis plant, it will take one to two weeks to fully recover, so topping multiple times will delay the growth.

When You Should Not Top Your Plant?

You should not top your plant at an early phase of growth (first month of the plants life)