Water is a major component. Neutral purified water has a pH of 7. But when you apply the water to the soil for example, the pH directly affects soil pH levels. You can use Alkaline water as a tool in order to balance soil with an acidic water. This is necessary in maintaining healthy soil and Cannabis.

Amount of pH level

The pH is the scale between acidity and alkalinity in water. Depending on the growing medium, pH needs to be checked with the medium. If not, the plants might not survive it.
Cannabis plant that grown indoor, always adores an optimum pH of 6.0 to 6.5 ranges. And  for Soil-less medium optimal pH of 5.6 to 6.4. You might have sufficient soil nutrients to support and robust your cannabis growth, if at any point the pH level is been tampered with, it might lock the nutrients or rather make them unavailable to the plant.

Amounts of EC

EC or electrical conductivity is the measurement that helps gardeners to know the number of nutrients present in the growing medium. Water is a foundation of life. This is no less true for cannabis, which relies on water for a whole array of functions. To understand the nutrient concentration of your soil, you will want to run either a pH, PPM and EC test. When your Cannabis plants are in their initial growth (vegetative) period, an ideal EC measuring 0.8-1.0 is recommend and at the post-growth (flowering) period, a little adjustment is appreciable, the EC should range between 1.2-2.
If you have an abnormal increase in the EC level, it probably means that the plants are absorbing too much water, leaving behind the nutrients, the amount of water needs to be increased to strike a balance on the concentration of the nutrient. In the other hand, if the EC level drops too low, it probably means that the plants are absorbing more nutrients and not water so, add more nutrients Never at any point, overwhelm your plants because you want to see them grow bigger overnight.

Amount of PPM

PPM (Parts Per Million) refers to the concentration of the particulates in your feeding water. To make sure that you are not over or underfeeding your plants, minerals found in tap water to natural elements in the nutrients, need to be properly checked to enable the PPM level in the watering solution be on point. The best PPM values fall between 650 ppm and 1400 ppm, depending on the maturation of your plant and the number of nutrients it can absorb.

We recommend:

Start feeding your plants with 500 ppm ~ in vegetative state and raise it at least 50 ppm every week.

pH plays a vital role in measuring the PPM level, HOW? This is because you may have the required PPM level for your cannabis plant, but the concentration of the particulates in your feeding solution might be toxic. Check this out! Say you need a required PPM of 800 and after your mixture, you gained that result but the pH is around 4.1, this is quite very acidic. The pH drop means that a great majority of the available food for your plant contains heavy metals of high concentration, which will quickly toxify the plant. Therefore, when you adjust one, it is necessary to adjust the other.