Fresh and gentle air is necessary for the cannabis plants to be healthier and happier. Air circulation serves as an external stressor that makes the plant branches stronger. Air circulation has significant role in the growth, strength, and yield of cannabis plant.

Why is Air Circulation Important? 

Airflow is a key element of raising healthy and stronger cannabis plants. In an attempt to provide the natural growth environment, airflow systems keep indoor plants resilient and help to deter mold and pests (These creatures grow in an environment which promises high levels of humidity, heat and still air).

Another factor that plants need to reach optimal health is a good breeze.

Among all the requirements of a plant, air circulation may come right at the end of the list but this consideration will change once the growers realize how powerful a mere air circulation can be for the health of their crop. So, we come to know that air circulation shares parallel importance with temperature and humidity.

How Your Cannabis Become Stronger By Air Circulation

As human beings. We go to gym, work out and tear muscles. The muscles by light and continuous exercise grow bigger, stronger and capable of lifting more weight in future. Same is the case with cannabis stems when it comes to the wind. Too much fierce wind could snap a stem but the constant, gentle gusts and breezes in nature cause the plant to adapt in such a way that its stems grow bigger and stronger.

Air circulation helps to regulate temperature and humidity. This help with faster-growing plants that ultimately provide bigger rewards at harvest time.