Optimal Humidity For Vegetative state

When cannabis plants are at their first steps the best humidity for them is 45-70.

Optimal Humidity For Flowering State:

As they grow older and reaching their flowering stage the perfect humidity will be 40-60.

Humidity means how much water is currently being held in the air. Relative humidity compares that amount to the maximum amount of water that air holds at that temperature.

For example, warm air can hold more evaporated water than cold air. Temperature and relative humidity are closely related to each other, sometimes you can overcome a problem with one, by fixing the other. For growing cannabis plants, relative humidity is just as important as temperature of the air. You should be careful about maintaining the humidity along with temperature.

Young seedlings tend to grow faster with mid to high humidity and warm temperatures. However, a cannabis plant’s ability to tolerate drier, warmer, and colder conditions tends to increase as it grows older.

  • If the air is too hot and dry, plants will exhibit slow growth.
  • If the air is too cool and humid, there will be slow growth along with the problem of mold or fungus