How bending helps to expend the amount of light to the plant gets

Bending expends in weed is also known as low-stress training, and this is a method the grower used to make the most out of their available space and light.
Bending cannabis plant
Simply put, this is a technique that has to do with bending and tying the weeds plant branches and stems down, and this technique was adopted for two reasons: firstly, weeds usually grow considerable main steam that makes it develop a big, elongated cola. This happens alongside others, and the small side branches typically have the small buds to suit them. In essence, weeds tend to grow to be like a Christmas tree shape, but if the LST method is applied, it will enable the grower to break the apical dominance instead of it grown out the canopy.
And the second reason for applying this method is to have better light distribution. If we bend and secure the weed in such a way that enables us to break apical dominance and the one that has already grown to the height of the canopy, tall, the areas of the weed will have a more excellent distribution of light. Therefore, this will enable the buds to live and develop at the end.
Bending Technique Cannabis

When to apply bending expends

Using the LST method should be as soon as possible. Once the plants are prime at its vegetative stage, it is the right time to be ready for manipulation. On the one hand, you won’t want to do this early before it starts to produce some right nodes and, at the other hand, is not good to wait around and this is when using of LST becomes a problem, and your plants have also reached the stage of full flowering.
When it got to this stage, the plant’s stem might become too stiff to bend, and this will lead to risking the snap of the branch that is holding the buds. Aside from this, applying the LST technique earlier when the plants has reached the vegetative stage the better your plants will become.

How to do the bending

Using this method is more or less of breaking the apical dominance. How to do that? Start by bending the main stem down with care toward the container rim. Making use of pre-drilled holes and soft plant wire will enable you to tie the stem in place securely. By doing this, you have successfully flattened the canopy and have created a chance for future and horizontal growth, and the light will be able to reach a lot of bod sites; this will also result in greater yield.

When you shouldn’t use bending

Bending cannabis technique
It is advised able to apply this method when the plants have reached the vegetative level. Using this method, when the plant has fully grown, its flower can be problematic because the stem will have become rigid, and this can damage the plant.