It is essential to know that your safety is one of the vital things to consider while growing and processing your plants, especially for the indoor grower. Most of the equipment that is used to grow cannabis can be hazardous if they are not adequately taken care of, as some of them can cause fires when they are not correctly handled.

Most of the chemical that is used to make the fertilizers can cause damage to skin, eyes, and even the lungs. When you plan to grow weed, it is essential to have a separate pair of clothes that will cover your body so as not to expose your body to the strong chemical in the fertilizers or the pH balancers.

Worry about eyes damage

Cannabis love to grow in a high-powered light environment, and this will enable them to develop lumen that has bigger, sticker buds and higher THC levels. Still, it’s quite unfortunate that those lights are not suitable for human eyes. Therefore, when you spend a lot of time staying under the grow lights, it could lead to having a headache, seeing spots or can result in feeling dizzy often. Although the damages the light cause, the eyes are cumulative and might not be noticeable for 10 years or even more, and by the time you can detect changes in your vision, it might be too late. In some cases, it might not take much time to discover that you have permanently damaged your eyes because looking into the grow light has no difference from looking at the sun. Staying and staring at the grow light can cause irreversible retinal damage within just 100 seconds of exposure to the light. Therefore, to protect your eyes while treating your plants, it is advised able to use UV goggles to avoid eye damage.

Safety Growing with Gloves

You should not use your naked hand to treat plants

To have a flourish and successful growth of plants require you to add some chemical components to it, especially when mixing the nutrients. Therefore, managing your plants with your bare hand can be harmful to your hand because some of these chemicals are harsh. Thus, when handling the plants, it is ideal to use gloves, especially when mixing the chemicals so as not to endanger your hand to those chemicals.

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