Does my cannabis have Nutrition Burns?

Cannabis plants Nutrition burn is also known as “novices lament” or can also be called “over-enthusiasm backlash,” and either of those names can be called stress from overfeeding the plants or mixing of nutrients that are too strong for them. This usually happens to novice grower that generally thinks that the more you feed your weed, the better it becomes and this so untrue.

Most of the time, a nutrition burn is caused by the mistake of human. Still, the error can be corrected before it demolishes the plant: this implies that nutritional burn can damage the cannabis at any time of its development if it is not taken care of. Plants don’t add weight when they are being overfed like humans and animals; plants are different organisms entirely as they require a balance and application of chemicals regularly to make them thrive and survive. When you are trying to overfeed them, you will be causing them more harm than good.

Causes of Nutrition Burn

There are different reasons for Nutritional burn, common mistakes:

  • Mixing of nutrients that is stronger than the recommended while they are growing – this implies that when you combine the nutrients that are stronger than the appropriate at any phase of the growth of the weed, it can cause it to develop nutritional burn.
  • Over-watering cannabis to grow and become healthy, it requires adequate watering. On the other hand, plants also need some dry period for them to be able to access oxygen and function properly; thus, over-watering your weed can lead to a nutritional burn.
  • Applying bloom buster regularly. Bloom busters are made to make our plant grow beautifully, but using them on it regularly or adding too high of concentration to it can result in a nutritional burn.
  • Using growth stimulants often can also result in nutritional burns on the plant because when applying much of it, it will cause the plant to dwarfism and burn.

How to Identify Nutritional Burn

As nitrogen is one of the components found in cannabis nutrients, especially when it is getting to the vegetative stage, thus, the nitrogen toxicity will show the following symptoms:

  • The leaves will look greener than normal
  • The leaf tips will bend at 90°
  • The stalks and branches will become deep either red, purple, or magenta
  • The calyx tips and sugar leaves will become yellow and burned.

 Recover from nutrient burn

Flush your plant with pure water ( Only pH optimized) as first step to get back on the right track. And in the next feeding take down your nutrition dose by half. 

Preventing it from happening is the best option; therefore, it is better to inculcate a good habit to prevent it from happening. First, make sure the nutrients you are plying are correct at each phase of growth. Also, it will be advised able to use 65% of the usage recommended on the product package.

Also by using pH and EC meter regularly to check the nutrient strength, either by mixing them with hand daily or make use of hydro reservoirs, can help in preventing nutrition burn from happening. Also, make sure you flush the hydroponic system, grow medium, and soils to assist in avoiding salt build-up at the root zone.